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Carbon Diselenide (Methanediselone)

molecular mass: 169.93 g/mol
boiling point: 125-126 C
stability: decomposes slowly about 1% per month at -30 C
solubility:good in organic solvents, insoluble in water
other: light sensitive, strong unpleasant odor
main use: synthesis of organic conductors and superconductors
such as selenium analogs of tetrathiafulvalene (TTF) derivatives
- tetraselenafulvalene
appearance: yellow-orange liquide
normal density: 2.66 g/ml
name(s): carbon diselenide, carbon selenide, methanediselone, carbon(IV) selenide, 1,3-diselenapropadiene, 1,3-diselenaallene
CAS No.: [506-80-9]
Merck (12th Ed.): 1858
UQF No.: 50-0091

Aprox. price of carbon diselenide min. 98%:
5 g - 2490 EUR
10 g - 3585 EUR
25 g - 4340 EUR
50 g - 5365 EUR
100 g - 6910 EUR
250 g - 11345 EUR
500 g - 14580 EUR
The price of the carbon diselenide min. 99% is 15% higher
Prices denominated in other currencies on request (USD, CHF, GBP, PLN, AUD, CAD)

We offer also the product in the form of stabilized solution, where carbon diselenide composes an adduct with special solvents. Such solutions are more stable and may be used in this form or carbon diselenide can be recovered after evaporation of solvent.

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